Search for theHdibaryon on the lattice

Zhi-Huan Luo, Mushtaq Loan, Yan Liu
2011 Physical Review D  
We investigate the H-dibaryon, an I(J^P)=0(0^+) with s=-2, in the chiral and continuum regimes on anisotropic lattices in quenched QCD. Simulations are performed on very coarse lattices with refined techniques to obtain results with high accuracy over a spatial lattice spacing in the range of a_s∼ 0.19 - 0.41 fm. We present results for the energy difference between the ground state energy of the hexa-quark stranglet and the free two-baryon state from our ensembles. A negative binding energy
more » ... rved in the chirally extrapolated results leads to the conclusion that the measured hexa-quark state is bound. This is further confirmed by the attractive interaction in the continuum limit with the observed H-dibaryon bound by ∼ 47 MeV.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.84.034502 fatcat:y6pk3a5wkzf6xozdsieoe3ytem