Developing civic competence through the art Of the word (based on K. Gordienko's literary works)

T. M. Sharova, Bohdan Khmelnytsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University, S. V. Sharov, S. M. Karnachova, Bohdan Khmelnytsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University, Bohdan Khmelnytsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University
2019 International Humanitarian University Herald. Philology  
At present, one can notice a growing interest in civic education, due to significant social changes in Ukraine and its integration into European space. Civic competence is an important condition for the existence of an intercultural and democratic society, in which every citizen actively expresses his attitude to the various social, political and national processes of the present. The study of works of art and literature is one of the most promising and effective means of forming civic
more » ... e. It will give an opportunity for a person to learn how to analyze, contrast and compare images, objects and phenomena, to form their own opinion and active civil position. The paper is aimed at an characterization of the word art means for civic competence fostering based on K. Gordienko's literary contribution, at the report on development and use of electronic tools for educational assignment with a view of mastering better the writer's works. Methods of analysis, synthesis and systematization were used to achieve the goal, which allowed to determine the place and role of K. Gordienko's development in the historical-literary process; the study of psychological changes, reflected in behavior and experiences of writer's main characters, called for applying the methods of research psychology; the structural-typological method was used for the analysis and comparison of the author's literary texts; the systematic approach to the examining of the writer's literary heritage made it possible to actualize the systemmaking factors of his poetics. It was revealed that one's civil competence involves the active, conscious, and responsible attitude to social and civic processes directed at the development of the state. Developing civic culture through the art of the word can foster a true patriot of Ukraine, which is currently extremely important and necessary. The comprehensive analysis of the writer's literary heritage gave an opportunity to clarify the role and place of the writer and his works in the context of literary and aesthetic aspirations of Ukrainian literature of XX century and to determine his national-patriotic views. In order to improve the quality of the civil culture formation process there was developed an electronic tool for educational purposes, which contains the theoretical material, literary work, epistolary, photo gallery and video materials about K. Gordienko.
doi:10.32841/2409-1154.2019.41.1.18 fatcat:fnjukehtx5aerlqdku5zhz7k7i