Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Crack Propagation in Nanoscale Polycrystal Nickel Based on Different Strain Rates

Yanqiu Zhang, Shuyong Jiang
2017 Metals  
Based on the strain rates of 2 × 10 8 s −1 and 2 × 10 10 s −1 , molecular dynamics simulation was conducted so as to study mechanisms of crack propagation in nanoscale polycrystal nickel. The strain rate has an important effect on the mechanism of crack propagation in nanoscale polycrystal nickel. In the case of a higher strain rate, local non-3D-crystalline atoms are induced and Lomer-Cottrell locks are formed, which plays a critical role in crack initiation and propagation. Orientation
more » ... nce between adjacent grains leads to the slipping of dislocations along the different directions, which results in the initiation of a void near the triple junction of grain boundaries and further contributes to accelerating the crack propagation.
doi:10.3390/met7100432 fatcat:t5pj64q47zgyrmbxmxsaxxauku