Absence of β-Glucuronidase inMycobacterium lepraeand Elevation of the Enzyme in Infected Tissues

1978 Leprosy Review  
8-Glucuronidase actlVlty was determined in mouse footpads infected with My cobacterium leprae. in the leprosy organisms separated from the liver and spleen of experimentally infected armadillos, and in the armadillo tissues. Enzyme assays in th� mouse fo otpads were initiated 1 week after inoculation with M. /eprae and continued at monthly intervals for 12 months. In the mouse footpads and in the armadillo tissues, M. leprae infection resulted in remarkable elevations of ,8glucuronidase leveis.
more » ... ucuronidase leveis. The leprosy bacilli seemed to be devoid of the enzyme. In its properties like pH optimum, reaction velocity and effect of inhibitors, the activity detected in M. leprae resembled the host tis sue enzyme rather than bacterial ,8glucuronidase; and the activity was found to be superficially adsorbed on the bacilli. lt is well established that phagocytes are rich in lysosomal enzymes. Evidently, the increased ,8-g1ucuronidase of the infected tissues is not derived from the invading organisms, but from the different types of phagocytic cells infiltrating the tissues.
doi:10.5935/0305-7518.19780026 fatcat:qyrggjcfkjfonckjxtet74wzbm