Knowledge Representation for Algorithmic Auditing to Detangle Systemic Bias [article]

Paola Di Maio
Knowledge is central to cognition, and adequate knowledge representation is necessary to ensure the correct functioning of Intelligent systems leveraging knowledge. Knowledge Auditing methodologies in use, however do not typically address the requirements for evaluating the consistency of logical and functional knowledge representation constructs, as used in AI, that support the correct execution of system processes. This paper puts forward the notion that algorithmic bias results from thelack
more » ... sults from thelack of adequate knowledge representation mechanisms, and is part of systemic bias. The notion of systemic bias is identified,characterized, and described as an emergent relation resulting from the combination of other factors between knowledgerepresentation (KR) and bias in AI. These factors are here named conceptualised, related to each other and visualised. Theresulting artefacts are then incorporated in the KAF (Knowledge Audit Framework) methodology (first published in
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14221778.v1 fatcat:ofuzmdwrbfdsdmumhbdtekvpim