The properties of proton-proton interactions between 100 and 1000 GeV from a cosmic-ray experiment

L.W. Jones, A.E. Bussian, G.D. Demeester, B.W. Loo, D.E. Lyon, P.V. Ramana Murthy, R.F. Roth, P.R. Vishwanath, J.G. Learned, D.D. Reeder, R.J. Wilkes, K.N. Erickson (+2 others)
1972 Nuclear Physics B  
Proton-proton interactions above 100 GeV have been studied in an experiment using cosmic-ray protons interacting in a liquid hydrogen target. From several hundred hydrogen interactions, it has been learned that: (a) the total inelastic pp cross section is not changing significantly with energy above 30 GeV; (b) the multiplicity distributions of charged prongs agree with a Poisson distribution in charged-particle pairs; (c) the average charged prong multiplicity increases as in s; (d) the
more » ... distribution of charged particles agrees with a c.m. momentum distribution of charged particles that varies as exp exp [-8 p~ -8x 2] d3p/E (where x = PL/Po) and a nucleon distribution that varies as 10x exp [-3 p~] d3p/E for 0.05 < x < 0.85. Further properties of the angular distributions, characteristics of the ionization calorimeter, the cross section in iron, and other features of the data are reported.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(72)90034-x fatcat:jbacjbjs6rcibl4apu5p3oc2mq