Graphene Aerogel for the Removal of Bad Smells from Recycling of Post-Consumer Polymers

Maria Sarno, Claudia Cirillo
2018 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
Graphene aerogel was fabricated by a facile chemical reduction of a graphene oxide dispersion. The chemical reduction of graphene oxide was confirmed by different techniques. The resulting graphene aerogel showed large specific surface area (163 m2 g-1), high absorption capacity to incorporate odour and superior absorption recyclability. When graphene aerogel was added to the melting waste plastics, all the GC peaks of classified VOCs were reduced in intensity: of about 85% alcohols and
more » ... acids compounds; of more than 70 % aldehydes, ketones, esters and ethers; and in a lower content (62 % and 68 %, respectively) aliphatic and aromatic compounds, i.e. they were absorbed by GA. Thus, it displays promising application prospects in the field of organic volatile compounds treatment techniques, while allowing the adsorption and removal of molecules responsible for bad smells.
doi:10.3303/cet1868089 doaj:3714c50753274f4d99fa4a472c25731c fatcat:hacpsyagajb7fcoby3dizk67ay