Hospital as a Social Matrix

Vladimir Doulov
2016 Problemi na postmodernostta  
I would be happy if I was not presented a similar research opportunity. I want to emphasize precisely that I do not want to assess the effectiveness of the medical system, nor the work of the medical staff. The people whom I observed tried to give the best they could on their most part. Most of them are perfect professionals and do their job with consciousness, and I am convinced that in other circumstances they would have been a model of competence, efficiency and attitude towards patients. It
more » ... owards patients. It is about the structure of action, the social matrix formed both on a transpersonal and a sub-personal (collective-unconscious) level which is independent of individual characteristics and the conscious intentions of the agents of social action. This matrix determines the topography of social space, outlines the range of freedom of subjective actions and their restrictions, and reveals the horizon of thought and behavior. Of course, we do not mention any causal relationships - similar to other spheres of social life, healthcare just updates the common features of the socium, albeit in a very specific and intimate scheme which is essential for the human social existence. This observation rather reveals the specific mechanism of manifestation of the social structure in a space which has a vital importance for the everyday person. And despite that we can not attribute a causal determination to it, the space of the hospital represents an essential factor by which the social structure is established in the deepest layers of human behavior.
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