2020 Periódico Tchê Química  
Among a significant number of allergies, the most common among children and adults is pollen allergy. Pollen allergies primarily lead to irritation of the nose and eyes, but can also cause headaches, weakness, fatigue, and decreased attention span. In an acute allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock can occur, that is, a lifethreatening sharp drop in blood pressure. These and many other consequences of allergic reactions imply the need to create drugs that could cure a person of allergies or stop
more » ... the manifestation of allergen reactions. The aim of the article was to study the safety of allergen-specific immunotherapy. The research methods included an analysis of the comparison of the effectiveness of two immunotherapy methods, a comparison of the safety of sublingual and parenteral methods of administering allergic vaccines, a comparative assessment of the safety of types of allergen-specific immunotherapy. The study involved 228 patients with varying severity of hay fever, among whom were children from 5 to 18 years old and an adult population (113 patients were men, 115 were women). The study revealed that sublingual immunotherapy increases the safety of treatment and is a good substitute for parenteral immunotherapy, especially in children. The studies have also confirmed well-known scientific evidence on the safety of sublingual immunotherapy in patients with hay fever. It was concluded that sublingual immunotherapy increases the safety of treatment and is a good substitute for the parenteral allergenspecific immunotherapy method, especially in pediatric patients, while having several advantages, such as a significant reduction in adverse reactions, high potency, and a convenient mode of administration, greater patient commitment and trust in treatment, and the elimination of infection transmission.
doi:10.52571/ptq.v17.n34.2020.760_p34_pgs_736_744.pdf fatcat:jyr4xscuwfappeaudksixhpwtm