CCLIX.—Position-isomerism and optical activity: halogen derivatives of methyl dibenzoyltartrate

Percy Faraday Frankland, Sidney Raymond Carter, Ernest Bryan Adams
1912 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
THE present paper forms a continuation of an inquiry into the relationship existing between optical activity and position-isomerism. The problem has already been attacked in a number of different ways, notably by a study of the benzoyl and toluoyl derivatives of several active hydroxy-esters. The rotatory properties of -Frankland and Twiss, Trans, 1910, 97, 155. t 7 3 9 " meta +730 + 824 + 847 + 885"
doi:10.1039/ct9120102470 fatcat:wfc5iwzukzalzfo2ujjmp4ymr4