SeaDataCloud Temperature and Salinity Climatology for the Baltic Sea (Version 2) [book]

Örjan Back
The SDC_BAL_CLIM_TS_V2 product contains temperature and salinity climatologies for the Baltic Sea, including seasonal and monthly fields for the period 1955-2018 and seasonal and monthly fields for 6 decades starting from 1955 to 2018. The climatological fields were computed from a merged Baltic Sea data set that combines data extracted from two major sources: 1) SeaDataNet infrastructure and 2) Coriolis Ocean Dataset for Reanalysis. The computation was done with the DIVAnd (Data-Interpolating
more » ... Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis in n dimensions), version 2.6.3.
doi:10.13155/77585 fatcat:t3pgujqiivbhdkgs5vk2rpv2cy