Links to Projects. Mathematical Software, icms2006—Developer's Meeting [chapter]

Andrés Iglesias, Nobuki Takayama
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This document is a collection of links and descriptions of projects related to icms2006-developer's meeting. 1. ActiveMath License: Free and open-source for public educational institution ActiveMath is a learning environment for mathematics. It is a web-server based on java servlets which presents semantic OMDoc content to contemporary web-browsers with good quality. ActiveMath supports the learning experience by modelling the learners' competencies in a learner-model
more » ... hat is fed by tracking the reading and the interactive exercises. The interactive exercises can be rich and multiple-steps exercises and use computer-algebra-systems to evaluate a learner's input. The content items of ActiveMath are annotated with pedagogical and mathematical knowledge which allows the learner to obtain courses prepared on demand on given learning goals. Finally, the semantic OMDoc representation allows copy-and-paste of formulae and search for content items by text, annotations, or formulae. 2. Aldor License: Other (BSD like) Aldor is a computer programming language, like Scheme, Java or C . Algorithms in real algebraic geometry (interactive book) License: GPL, others Algorithms in real algebraic geometry, by S. Basu, R. Pollack and M.-F. Roy, is a preliminary test version of an extension of the first edition published by Springer in 2003. This interactive book is based on texmacs, and live examples can be computed within the book through the SARAG maxima library by F. Caruso. The final version is due to be published by Springer. 4. Arageli License: Free for academic and noncommercial use Arageli is a C++ library for doing symbolic computations. It contains arbitrary precision integer and rational numbers, vectors, matrices, polynomials, modular arithmetic, algorithms for number factorization, linear and integer programming etc. Creating new mathematical structures from existing ones (also in other libraries) is easy. Arageli is used in Skeleton, Integizer, Prelinea projects. 5. The Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations License:
doi:10.1007/11832225_45 fatcat:nua7q3hc7zfn3e2qxqe4tf4mdu