The Research on Knowledge Ontology Construction of Information Technology Course in Middle School Based on Semantic WEB

Jun Yuan
2018 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Management Society (EMIM 2018)   unpublished
Semantic Web is the development direction of web technology nowadays; ontology is an important part of Semantic Web. The ontology of curriculum knowledge is a clear and standardized description of the relationship between concepts in a certain course, and the knowledge system which is built on the basis of common recognition. At present, there are many problems in the course of network Learning resources construction and use. This paper takes the curriculum Knowledge ontology construction of
more » ... ormation Technology Foundation in senior high school as an example, firstly, this paper introduces the unified standard of network Learning resources construction, then introduces ontology, according to the teaching order of course knowledge, follows the teaching law of course, and realizes the knowledge ontology of information technology base course with the method of ontology construction widely used at present. It lays a foundation for the research of personalized learning, intelligent answer and semantic retrieval of the related course network resources by using Semantic Web technology.
doi:10.2991/emim-18.2018.19 fatcat:frqrxdcgtnb55f6fmshhjoadem