On $F$-Weak Contraction of Generalized Multivalued Integral Type Mappings with $alpha $-admissible

Vatan Karakaya, Necip Şimşek, Derya Sekman
2020 Sahand Communications in Mathematical Analysis  
The purpose of this work is to investigate the existence of fixed points of some mappings in fixed point theory by combining some important concepts which are F-weak contractions, multivalued mappings, integral transformations and α-admissible mappings. In fixed point theory, it is important to find fixed points of some classess under F- or F-weak contractions. Also multivalued mappings is the other important classes. Along with that, α-admissible mapping is a different approach in the fixed
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doi:10.22130/scma.2018.83065.407 doaj:ce2c750f3a2d469887601d39dae663ac fatcat:qvd3gi53zfetniuly2tl3bdxdi