The Common Fossils of the British Rocks

S. J. Mackie
1860 The Geologist  
Obscure as are the animal remains of these old Lingula-flags, the traces of vegetation are yet more difficult to make out and to describe. Easier, too, are they to describe than to figure; for, mere shallow impressions and stains as they are upon the cleaved rock, it is easier to see their remote resemblances to some known forms than to convey an idea of them by the finest lines that the graver will cut upon the wood. And then how unsatisfactory to spend days in elaborating the representation
more » ... he representation of a mere fragment, the very characters of which we are in doubt about. We shall shortly present our readers, however, with figures of the most illustrative specimens we can obtain of those sea-weeds of the primeval shores, the Cruziana semiplicata, the Chondrites (?) acutangulus, and Chondrites (?) informis.
doi:10.1017/s1359465600020232 fatcat:4gq45ky6krgargvhiup44fmtaa