Multiple Myeloma And Its Role In Immunosupression

Ana Flávia F. R. Nardy, Juliana Echevarria Lima, Angelo Maiolino, Alexandre Morrot
2013 Zenodo  
Multiple Myeloma (MM) is a plasma cell malignancy characterized by immunosuppression and increase of susceptibility to several infections, which considerably decreases the survival rate of patients. The immunosuppression of anti-tumor protective responses is a common characteristic to a variety of neoplasias, and it involves the immune responses subversion, especially those elicited by dendritic cells (DCs). The development of an immunosuppressive niche by the tumor is suggested to represent an
more » ... ted to represent an important mean to induce DCs differentiation towards a tolerogenic profile. Tolerogenic DCs are known to induce CD8+ regulatory T cells, a subset of CD8+ T cells which has recently received more attention since its original discovery decades ago. These events started to be unveiled and may act as a key mechanism responsible for the impaired immune functions seen in MM. In this editorial, we focus on the compromised anti-tumor immune responses against MM on the basis of DCs activity modulation and their role in CD8+ Treg induction.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.816318 fatcat:tf4mum3qtnfrtgxxiciruxamam