Electromagnetic environment in the formation of urban development

2018 Zenodo  
Communication networks are an integral part of the infrastructure of the city. The existing built-up environment is constantly changing, as well as third-party radiation sources (their quantity and power increase), therefore, the electromagnetic environment also changes. The concept of electromagnetic ecology is most relevant for the construction of communication facilities and certain areas of the city where the necessary communications have not yet been installed. The safe coexistence of
more » ... coexistence of radio transmission facilities and residential and administrative buildings is governed by sanitary norms and rules. Compliance with these requirements should be confirmed by appropriate calculations and direct measurements of the strength of electromagnetic fields, which was the subject of the proposed article. According to the results of computer simulation, the paper analyzes the parameters of electromagnetic fields generated by cellular communication transmitters near a residential development under several equipment placement options. It is concluded that it is necessary to introduce zones of limited development in the draft town-planning plan.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2008682 fatcat:smtpymt3fbga3hlayi7i5il4wy