Frequency shifting of microwave signals by use of a general temporal self-imaging (Talbot) effect in optical fibers

José Azaña, Naum K. Berger, Boris Levit, Vladimir Smulakovsky, Baruch Fischer
2004 Optics Letters  
A simple and practical microwave frequency-shifting technique based on a general temporal self-imaging (GTSI) effect in optical fiber is proposed, formulated, and experimentally demonstrated. The proposed technique can be applied to an arbitrary periodic microwave signal (e.g., a microwave tone) and provides unparalleled design f lexibility to increase the frequency of the input microwave signal up to the desired value (limited only by the photodetector's bandwidth). For instance, we
more » ... frequency upshifting of microwave tones from ഠ10 to ഠ50 GHz and from ഠ40 to ഠ354 GHz. These results also represent what is to the authors' knowledge the first experimental observation of GTSI phenomena.
doi:10.1364/ol.29.002849 pmid:15645801 fatcat:qot7hsvhmnfdzidh3vz2nqe6ga