Crystal structure of tricarbonyl-{η6 -[dimethyl 2-methoxy-2-(2-methoxycarbonylphenyl)] malonate} chromium(0), C17H16CrO10

M. Schneider, J. Deutsch, H.-J. Nielas
1997 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
Source of material: Single crystals of CnHiöCrOio were obtained by slow crystallization from a diethyl ether solution. The substance was synthezised by reaction between dimethyl methoxymalonate and tricarbonyl^6-methyl-2-fluorobenzoate)]chromium(0) in the presence of potassium tert-butoxide in DMSO.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.1997.212.jg.465 fatcat:zymkbbuwcbg43fyuai6xutcbde