Optimization of Gas Distribution in Istanbul Using Minimum Spanning Tree with Probabilistic Approach

2022 European Journal of Science and Technology  
The minimum spanning tree (MST) is a method that aims to find the minimum distance for connecting all vertices or nodes in a network of cities or any other centers. For finding the minimum distance that connects all nodes, two different types of algorithms have been commonly used: Kruskal and Prim algorithms. Our objective in this research is to find the most cost-efficient process for linking the natural gas pipeline's pathways in Istanbul using minimum spanning tree with randomness or
more » ... nty in the distances between different districts, which are represented by vertices. The goal is to minimize total pipeline distance which connects all districts in metropolitan area of Istanbul. The method proved to be very useful in solving this problem.
doi:10.31590/ejosat.1202232 fatcat:qfsy5wuovrb73di6w4kfdcdpua