Nonlinear behaviour of masonry under cyclic loading

Christoph Gellert, Hannah Norda, Christoph Butenweg, European Conference On Structural Dynamics, EURODYN <7, 2008, Southampton>
The new trend in the seismic design philosophy is the performance based design taking the deformation of the structure into account. The capacity spectrum method, one of the displacement based design approaches, compares the seismic action with the loading capacity of the building, considering the nonlinear material behaviour with its post-peak capacity. The inelastic cyclic pushover curve of the regarded structure has to be calculated iteratively using capacity curves of single masonry shear
more » ... gle masonry shear walls as basic input. In order to facilitate the design process for the practising engineer a matrix of capacity curves depending on material combination, wall geometry and vertical loading has to be developed. Due to the large number of material, load and geometry combinations the curves have to be obtained by cyclic shear wall tests in combination with nonlinear numerical simulations and analytical solutions. A new database concept based on an intelligent combination of test data reasonable supplemented by simulation results will be introduced. The determination of single wall capacity curves using analytical solutions will be described in detail and the results will be compared with cyclic shear wall tests. Finally, the application of the database concept is demonstrated on the example of the seismic safety verification using the capacity spectrum method for typical residential buildings in Germany. 1.
doi:10.21269/7708 fatcat:vl423r4s7fb5xmj7vdcs7jjxti