Die Amputation nach Pirogow als Alternative zur Unterschenkelamputation?

M. Bueschges, C. Ottomann, K. Mauss, T. Muehlberger, J. Bruck
2013 Handchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie, Plastische Chirurgie  
▼ Pirogow's amputation at the ankle presents a valuable alternative to lower leg amputation for patients with the corresponding indications. Although this method off ers numerous advantages for the patient, such as the ability to stay mobile without the use of a prosthesis, it is rarely performed (0.1 % of all lower limb amputations). The results of the operations on 20 patients were objectifi ed 12 months after the operation using a patient questionnaire (Ankle Score), and these results were
more » ... en compared to those of 20 patients who underwent lower leg amputation. Using a point system the criteria pain, functional and radiological assessment, diff erence in leg length, and mobility without prosthesis were recorded and evaluated. 65 % of those questioned who were amputated following the Pirogow method indicated an excellent or very good result, in the control group 60 % of those having undergone a lower leg amputation responded similarly, indicating an excellent or very good result. In 30 % in the Pirogow group in contrast to 20 % after lower leg amputation postoperative complications lead to a revision-operation. In patients suff ering from diabetes or restricted perfusion of the lower extremity an amputation at the level of the ankle has to be considered critically keeping the necessity of a revision-operation in mind. However, if it can be carried out successfully, the benefi ts of Pirogow-amputation are found in the signifi cantly reduced diff erence in leg length and the increase in mobility without prosthesis.
doi:10.1055/s-0032-1333270 pmid:23468233 fatcat:5xxdgtksp5hsfe5jmy3ie4zygi