Problems Related to Gasification of Biomass—Properties of Solid Pollutants in Raw Gas

Jan Najser, Petr Buryan, Sergej Skoblia, Jaroslav Frantik, Jan Kielar, Vaclav Peer
2019 Energies  
Nowadays, thermochemical biomass conversion appears to be a very promising way to process heat and steam generation, for use in a cogeneration unit engine, or for example in gas turbines producing electrical energy. The biggest problem regarding using the syngas in internal combustion engines, are pollutants, which have quite an inauspicious influence on their proper working. This article deals with the establishment of the distribution size of solid particles captured by the fiber filters in
more » ... fiber filters in the syngas with a suitable cleaning design. Gas was produced in the fixed-bed "Imbert" type generator. Filter cake, which contained pollutants, was captured on a filter and then analyzed. Based on single total solid particles (TSP) components, we conclude that this includes its partial elimination.
doi:10.3390/en12060963 fatcat:thkfnoshevh7debp6qsvqxasmm