Aspects of the bioethanol use at the turbocharged spark ignition engine

Zuhair Obeid, Alexandru Cernat, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu
2015 Thermal Science  
In the actual content of pollution regulations for the automotives, the use of alternative fuels becomes a priority of the thermal engine scientific research domain. From this point of view bioethanol can represents a viable alternative fuel for spark ignition engines offering the perspective of pollutant emissions reduction and combustion improvement. The paper presents results of the experimental investigations of a turbo-supercharged spark ignition engine (developed from a natural admission
more » ... park ignition engine fuelled with gasoline) fuelled with bioethanol-gasoline blends. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger for low pressure supercharging, up till 1.4 bar. An correlation between air supercharging pressure-compression ratio-dosage-spark ignition timing-brake power is establish to avoid knocking phenomena at the engine operate regime of full load and 3000 min -1 . The influences of the bioethanol on pollutant emissions level are presented.
doi:10.2298/tsci150212179o fatcat:b7m3ofdl3vckrmfpdzy6mkfxlu