Ecological study on the parasite wasp of flies : 1. Experiment on the parasitization of Mormoniella vitripennis against the fly pupae in different media
ハエ寄生蜂の生態 : 1 ちがつた環境にあるハエ蛹に対するキヨウソヤドリコバチの寄生実験

Ryohichi Ohgushi, Sanro Kato
1959 Medical Entomology and Zoology  
The incidence of contamination of the stored drugs with acarid miteg and insects was surveyed oll a total of 1071 samples , 至 ncluding starch , lactose , albumine tannate , pancreatin, diastase , saccharated pepsin, vltamine B 、 pow (lerJact。 ・nlc micr ・b ' s p ・ wder and yeast . The samples were coilected from the pharmacies in 69 national hospitals at Kanto District , and examined during the period frorn
doi:10.7601/mez.10.172 fatcat:b6yjc532pffmbi3gzwfdtelvhq