American Laryngological Association

James E. Logan
1911 The Journal of Laryngology Rhinology and Otology  
May, 1911. ] Rhinology, and Otology. 271 all cases the foetor was lessened. One or two sittings were sufficient. The mucosa became succulent and the secretion more liquid. It could not, of course, restore a cirrhotic and atrophic mucosa to the normal, but the influence on the foetor was marked. With the negative platinum electrode in the septum and the positive copper electrode in the middle tnrbinal a current of 5 to 6 m.a. was passed for the space of five minutes. The effect in the untreated
more » ... ide and in the pharynx supported the theory of the influence of the nerves in the production of the disease. Dr. MOBELLI (Budapest) had found the sulphur spas of Budapest verv serviceable in treating ozsena. D. M. (transl). (To be continued.) AMERICAN LARYNGOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION.
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