A Personal Memex System Using Uniform Representation of the Data from Various Devices
다양한 기기로부터의 데이터 단일 표현을 통한 개인 미멕스 시스템

Young-Kun Min, Bog-Ju Lee
2009 The KIPS Transactions PartB  
The researches on the system that automatically records and retrieves one's everyday life is relatively actively worked recently. These systems, called personal memex or life log, usually entail dedicated devices such as SenseCam in MyLifeBits project. This research paid attention to the digital devices such as mobile phones, credit cards, and digital camera that people use everyday. The system enables a person to store everyday life systematically that are saved in the devices or the
more » ... es or the deviced-related web pages (e.g., phone records in the cellular phone company) and to refer this quickly later . The data collection agent in the proposed system, called MyMemex, collects the personal life log "web data" using the web services that the web sites provide and stores the web data into the server. The "file data" stored in the off-line digital devices are also loaded into the server. Each of the file data or web data is viewed as a memex event that can be described by 4W1H form. The different types of data in different services are transformed into the memex event data in 4W1H form. The memex event ontology is used in this transform. Users can sign in to the web server of this service to view their life logs in the chronological manner. Users can also search the life logs using keywords. Moreover, the life logs can be viewed as a diary or story style by converting the memex events to sentences. The related memex events are grouped to be displayed as an "episode" by a heuristic identification method. A result with high accuracy has been obtained by the experiment for the episode identification using the real life log data of one of the authors.
doi:10.3745/kipstb.2009.16-b.4.309 fatcat:s2ecvga2xrcgnd4z26dxopcqjy