Joint Content Recommendation and Delivery in Mobile Wireless Networks with Outage Management

Yaodong Li, Lingyu Chen, Haibin Shi, Xuemin Hong, Jianghong Shi
2018 Entropy  
Personalized content retrieval service has become a major information service that consumes a large portion of mobile Internet traffic. Joint content recommendation and delivery is a promising design philosophy that could effectively improve the overall user experience with personalized content retrieval services. Existing research mostly focused on a push-type design paradigm called proactive caching, which, however, has multiple inherent drawbacks such as high device cost and low energy
more » ... nd low energy efficiency. This paper proposes a novel, interactive joint content recommendation and delivery system as an alternative to overcome the drawbacks of proactive caching systems. We present several optimal and heuristic algorithms for the proposed system and analyze the system performance in terms of user interest and transmission outage probability. Some theoretical performance bounds of the system are also derived. The effectiveness of the proposed system and algorithms is validated by simulation results.
doi:10.3390/e20010064 pmid:33265149 fatcat:hq64d4wj7zezfb5vs4jmg2pcrq