A novel gene expression test method of minimizing breast cancer risk in reduced cost and time by improving SVM-RFE gene selection method combined with LASSO

Madhuri Gupta, Bharat Gupta
2020 Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics  
AbstractBreast cancer is the leading diseases of death in women. It induces by a genetic mutation in breast cancer cells. Genetic testing has become popular to detect the mutation in genes but test cost is relatively expensive for several patients in developing countries like India. Genetic test takes between 2 and 4 weeks to decide the cancer. The time duration suffers the prognosis of genes because some patients have high rate of cancerous cell growth. In the research work, a cost and time
more » ... a cost and time efficient method is proposed to predict the gene expression level on the basis of clinical outcomes of the patient by using machine learning techniques. An improved SVM-RFE_MI gene selection technique is proposed to find the most significant genes related to breast cancer afterward explained variance statistical analysis is applied to extract the genes contain high variance. Least Absolute Shrinkage Selector Operator (LASSO) and Ridge regression techniques are used to predict the gene expression level. The proposed method predicts the expression of significant genes with reduced Root Mean Square Error and acceptable adjusted R-square value. As per the study, analysis of these selected genes is beneficial to diagnose the breast cancer at prior stage in reduced cost and time.
doi:10.1515/jib-2019-0110 pmid:34171941 fatcat:fv4d4ws57vcnrjtxqj2i5yqzy4