Determination of the Friction Work of a Link Chain Interworking with a Sprocket Drum / Wyznaczenie Pracy Tarcia Łańcucha Ogniwowego We Współdziałaniu Z Bębnem Łańcuchowym

Piotr Sobota
2013 Archives of Mining Sciences  
The significant abrasive wear of sprocket drum teeth and seats bottoms is observed during the exploitation of longwall scraper conveyors. For this reason, it is important to determine friction work in sliding conditions of the horizontal link on the tooth seat bottom and on the tooth flank and friction work in the joint of links in the context of such nodes' abrasive wear. The different construction variants of sprocket drums can be compared by determining friction work in the sliding positions
more » ... e sliding positions of the horizontal link on the drum. The determination of the losses of the power transmitted is a requisite condition in such situation for determining the efficiency values of chain meshing. The friction work of the friction couple of a sprocket drum - link chain consists of friction work of the horizontal link in the places where it contacts with the seat bottom Ag and the tooth flank Af and friction work in the joints of a horizontal link in the contact place with vertical links: in the front joint Ap and the rear joint At. The article presents dependencies enabling to determine the value of such work for specific geometric relations between the chain and the drum and different friction conditions. The curves of relative friction work and the values of total friction work on the seat bottom, on the tooth flank and in a front and rear joint of links are presented for examples of friction conditions.
doi:10.2478/amsc-2013-0056 fatcat:qjqzcyqq7vgwjgg57styjxxriq