A Framework for Personal Information Handler in Smart Device Environment
스마트 기기 환경에서의 개인정보 취급자를 위한 개인정보보호 프레임워크

Hyunmi Jang, Seng-Phil Hong
2014 Journal of Security Engineering  
There has been an increasing need to protect personal information in the smart environment as the personal information issue has recently come to the spotlight in smart environment. In other words, the devices with excellent mobility and portability, such as smartphone or tablet PC, etc., have become the pivotal part of smart work environment, and as a result, various security threats have increased. The security problem have come to the fore amid the vulnerability of the smart devices
more » ... s and negligence, as well as the malignant codes threatening the security of smart devices. This paper intends to present the measures applicable to the real environment and the framework for the protection of personal information from the standpoint of the handling persons by analyzing the personal information issues and vulnerability problems involved in the use of personal information in the smart device environment. 1 장현미 136-742 서울시 성북구 보문로 34다길 2, 성신여자대학교 교양학부. email: nicemiya@sungshin.ac.kr 2 (교신저자) 홍승필 136-742 서울시 성북구 보문로 34다길 2, 성신여자대학교 IT학부.
doi:10.14257/jse.2014.02.03 fatcat:k466bjhtufclbov34h24d2jl2m