Thermo-micropolar fluid flow along a vertical permeable plate with uniform surface heat flux in the presence of heat generation

Mohammad Rahman, Ibrahim Eltayeb, Mohammad Rahman
2009 Thermal Science  
A two-di men sional steady con vec tive flow of thermo-micropolar fluid past a ver tical per me able flat plate in the pres ence of heat gen er a tion with uni form sur face heat flux has been an a lyzed nu mer i cally. The lo cal sim i lar ity so lu tions for the flow, microrotation (an gu lar ve loc ity) and heat trans fer char ac ter is tics are il lus trated graph i cally for var i ous ma te rial pa ram e ters en ter ing into the prob lem. The ef fects of the per ti nent pa ram e ters on
more » ... pa ram e ters on the lo cal skin fric tion co ef fi cient, plate cou ple stress, and the rate of heat trans fer are also cal cu lated and dis played graph i cally. The results show that skin fric tion co ef fi cient (vis cous drag) and the rate of heat trans fer (Nusselt num ber) in micropolar fluid are less com pared to that of the New to nian fluid.
doi:10.2298/tsci0901023r fatcat:lemfql4vg5gpzbvs4aslrd4pdy