Innovation of Supply Chain Finance Model in Agricultural Engineering-- A Case Study of the Apples Wholesale Market in Qingyang, Gansu Province

Erzhong Xu, Xing Li
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Medicine   unpublished
a , b* Abstract:The large-scale development of modern enterprises, especially modernization of agricultural engineering is inseparable from the support of the financial industry. Supply chain finance has a particularly important position in agricultural engineering. This paper based on modern agricultural supply chain proposed a new model to develop agricultural supply chain finance with the central wholesale market in "hub" engineering as the core and explained the
more » ... e and explained the model by taking the Apples Wholesale Market in Qingyang, Gansu Province for example. Not only is the new model more efficient than the original model, but it is also a supplement to the original model. The new model is intended to lead more interests to the apple growers to benefit them.
doi:10.2991/emim-15.2015.166 fatcat:ggzaxfzlbfa35h22whhgf5rhou