UV-VUV FEL program at DUKE storage ring with OK-4 optical klystron

V.N. Litvinenko, J.M.J. Madey, N.A. Vinokurov
Proceedings of International Conference on Particle Accelerators  
diagnostic systems and NIST undulator (soft X-ray source). A 1 GeV electron storage ring dedicated for UV-WV Construction of the storage ring and linac-injector started FEL operation is under construction at the Duke University in 1992. Magnetic measurements (excitation curves and 2-D Free Electron Laser Laboratory. The UV-VUV FEL project, maps) of all magnets in their real environment was performed based on the collaboration of the Duke FEL Laboratory and before installation using an eleven
more » ... ment Hall probe array Budker Institute for Nuclear Physics is described. [21. The overall accuracy of these measurements was better The main parameters of the DFELL storage ring, of the then 0.01%. OK-4 optical klystron, and the experimental set-up are At present, all storage ring magnets and 80% of the presented. The parameters of UV-VUV FEL are given and the vacuum chambers and other hardware have been installed, A possible future upgrades to this system are discussed. vacuum of (0.6-6)E-10 torr was achieved in the ring. The 178
doi:10.1109/pac.1993.308575 fatcat:ecmosqmc3rajlfkliw2ulxkelu