J-PET analysis framework for the prototype TOF-PET detector

Wojciech Krzemień, Michał Silarski, Karol Stoła, Damian Trybek, Tomasz Bednarski, Piotr Białas, Eryk Czerwiński, Łukasz Kapłon, Andrzej Kochanowski, Grzegorz Korcyl, Jakub Kowal, Paweł Kowalski (+16 others)
2014 Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems  
Novel TOF-PET scanner solutions demand, apart from the state of the art detectors, software for fast processing of the gathered data, monitoring of the whole scanner and reconstruction of the PET image. In this article we present an analysis framework for the novel STRIP-PET scanner developed by the J-PET collaboration in the Institute of Physics of the Jagiellonian University. This software is based on the ROOT package used in many particle physics experiments.
doi:10.1515/bams-2013-0109 fatcat:rwlmczalrres3mlbdjjxmjadb4