Harbours of Refuge in Connection with the Subject of Convict Labour

Charles H. Nugent
1883 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
57s HARUOURS OF REFUGE IX COSSECTION WIT11 of 6,490,953 tons, xcrc engaged in trading at home and abroad j t t r y 3vcrc manned by 168,0981 seamen and boys. I n addition, GG,G82 boats were occupicd in fishing, manned 124,EiGl men and bogs. So that tho operatives afloat directly intcrestcd in, and to be benefited by, tlic creation of Harbours of Rcfagc numhcr 317,464, and if tho Ropd Navy (45,200 seamen and 12,400 mnrincs) bc includccl the number rises to 3i4,9G4. It is probablc that a t lcast
more » ... lc that a t lcast 120,000 men arc cmplopd in t h collieries, a great part of tlic produce of wliosc labour is sen-borne. But the pecuniary considerations i n r o l d are vcrx large, for insfanec, tho d u d -mlr;c of thc vcssck afloat mar be taken a t 63,614,7441., and tho mcrchnndizc thcy carried last year was worth G9&,155,PG41. Of coursc this lnttcr figuro is Tery fluctuating; it is 3,538,6571. Jess than in tho preccding year, 1880, when it as 85,SGS,79fL greater than in 1879. But fluctuate as it mar, tho ~a l u c of tho commerce a l~~y s on tho water is so groat that ncithcr pains nor money should bc spared t o ,insure its s&ty. I n the mattcr of Harbonrs, it is worthy of noticc tliat, mliilc of lato years our Gorernmcnt has bcen supine, the Frcncli, with not half our trade,!! hare bccn most activc. On tlic shores of tho Cbanncl alonc, and within n lcngth of 250 miles, viz., between Dunkirk and Clicrbourg, they havc undcrtakcn works at nine harbours, representing an cstimntcd espcnditurc of 5,574,0001.
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