Resonant second-harmonic generation in a ballistic graphene transistor with an ac-driven gate

Y. Korniyenko, O. Shevtsov, T. Löfwander
2016 Physical review B  
We report a theoretical study of time-dependent transport in a ballistic graphene field effect transistor. We develop a model based on Floquet theory describing Dirac electron transmission through a harmonically driven potential barrier. Photon-assisted tunneling results in excitation of quasibound states at the barrier. Under resonance condition, the excitation of the quasibound states leads to promotion of higher-order sidebands and enhanced higher harmonics of the source-drain conductance.
more » ... rain conductance. The resonances in the main transmission channel are of the Fano form, while they are of the Breit-Wigner form for sidebands. We discuss the possibility of utilizing the resonances in prospective ballistic high-frequency devices, in particular frequency multipliers.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.93.035435 fatcat:u7lxqjd5vffifooe4f5vatxli4