Erwinia milletiaeおよびErwinia herbicolaの比較研究
A Comparative Study of Erwinia milletiae and Erwinia herbicola

Masao GOTO, Toshifusa TAKAHASHI, Tokutake OKAJIMA
1980 Japanese Journal of Phytopathology  
Twenty-nine cultures of Erwinia milletiae (Kawakami & Yoshida 1920) Magrou 1937 were isolated from galls on Wistaria floribunda DC. which were collected in several areas of the Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. Seven cultures of E. herbicola (Lohnis 1911) Dye 1964 were isolated from the surface of leaves of Citrus spp. and W. floribunda DC. The physiological and pathogenicity characters of these cultures were compared. Cultures of E. milletiae were pathogenic on only 2 plant species out of 48 tested,
more » ... namely W. floribunda DC. and W. bra chybotrys Sieb. & Zucc. on which outgrowths were formed on growing stems 10 to 14 days after inoculation. These outgrowths developed into galls about 5mm in diameter 1 month after inoculation, 20 to 30mm 1 year after inoculation and 50 to 60mm 2 years after inoculation. Gall formation was also induced on the thick roots, crowns, trunks, leaf-petioles,
doi:10.3186/jjphytopath.46.185 fatcat:o2qka3nurzdr5gsan7dp3lsggi