Symplectic structure of post-Newtonian Hamiltonian for spinning compact binaries

Xin Wu, Yi Xie
2010 Physical Review D  
The phase space of a Hamiltonian system is symplectic. However, the post-Newtonian Hamiltonian formulation of spinning compact binaries in existing publications does not have this property, when position, momentum and spin variables [X, P, S_1, S_2] compose its phase space. This may give a convenient application of perturbation theory to the derivation of the post-Newtonian formulation, but also makes classic theories of a symplectic Hamiltonian system be a serious obstacle in application,
more » ... ially in diagnosing integrability and nonintegrability from a dynamical system theory perspective. To completely understand the dynamical characteristic of the integrability or nonintegrability for the binary system, we construct a set of conjugate spin variables and reexpress the spin Hamiltonian part so as to make the complete Hamiltonian formulation symplectic. As a result, it is directly shown with the least number of independent isolating integrals that a conservative Hamiltonian compact binary system with both one spin and the pure orbital part to any post-Newtonian order is typically integrable and not chaotic. And conservative binary system consisting of two spins restricted to the leading order spin-orbit interaction and the pure orbital part at all post-Newtonian orders is also integrable, independently on the mass ratio. For all other various spinning cases, the onset of chaos is possible.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.81.084045 fatcat:5qgwht4oynbslgeobyabygszb4