Formation of entangled polaritons in doped resonant medium

A. V. Prokhorov, A. V. Prokhorov, I. O. Barinov, I. O. Barinov, A. P. Alodjants, A. P. Alodjants, S. M. Arakelian, S. M. Arakelian, Rafael K. Drampyan, Rafael K. Drampyan
1899 Photonics and Micro- and Nano-structured Materials 2011  
The nonlinear theory of formation of entangled polaritons of probe field in the case of Raman interaction scheme in 5 2 SiO Y crystal doped by Pr 59 atoms is developed. The model of polariton waveguide with doped medium inside based on Fabry-Pérot interferometer is suggested. The opportunity of dynamic amplification of entangled polaritons in such a system is shown. Downloaded From: on 01/21/2013 Terms of Use: ( 2 b ) Proc. of SPIE Vol.
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doi:10.1117/12.923340 fatcat:b2qkio4rrjg4jivxmzjg636cta