Evaluación de la calidad de leches crudas en tres subregiones del departamento de Sucre, Colombia

Alberto Romero P, Alfonso Calderón R, Virginia Rodríguez R
2018 Revista Colombiana de Ciencia Animal - RECIA   unpublished
The objective was to evaluate the physicochemical, microbiological quality, somatic cell count and presence of inhibitors in raw milks in the department of Sucre. 150 samples of raw milk from six storage centers or processing plants from three subregions of the department of Sucre (Sabanas, San Jorge and Gulf of Morrosquillo) were taken using a descriptive cross-sectional study. 25 samples in each collection center that correspond to 25 producers from the different subregions of the department
more » ... of the department were taken. Microbiological and physiochemical parameters and udder health were determined of a total of 50 samples for each subregion. The data obtained were analyzed according to accepted standards in Colombia. For the most part of the physicochemical parameters, were within the accepted values established in decree 616 of 2006 and decree 1880of 2011(protein ≥2.9%, fat ≥3.0%, density (15 o C)≥1.030, TS≥11.30, SNF ≥8.30). The count of colony forming units (CFU/mL) in the different subregions was greater than 600,000 CFU/mL. The somatic cell count (SCC/mL) was greater than 500,000 SCC/mL. In 8% of the sampled milks showed presence of inhibitors. Overall, the raw milk had good physicochemical quality but, the microbiological quality and health of the udder were poor, which requires immediate implementation of programs in order to obtain high quality hygienic milk.