Life History of Pleotomus Pallens LEC

Helen Selina King
1880 Psyche: A Journal of Entomology  
The habitat of this species of the sublight from the ventral surface of the postetribe Zampyrini is western Texas where riot segment. When fully grown the larva the mature form appears in May a month except that the color is different and the later than several species of Photinus. body is less depressed is precisely similar Both sexes are phosphorescent the % feebly to that of the commonest species of _Phoso emitting a greenish light without rays tinus larva found her% which is perfectly but
more » ... fficiently bright to betray his presrepresented in figure 431 of Packard's ence; the 9 is much more brilliant her Guide to the Study of Insects." It has light being sufficient to show not only her twelve segments exclusive of the head body but also surrounding objects for a which latter is composed of two flattened distance of several centimetres. After ovinarrower segments the inner one forming position this light declines and the femal% the neck and both retractile within the who seems to have assumed the perfect thorax. It feeds on snails; and sheds its form for the purpose alone of laying eggs larval skin at least twice possibly oftener soon dies. She does not ied and is too before reaching maturity. Under confinehelpless to move far from the place of her ment in a pot of earth with snails for food final metamorphosis owing to the feeble it assumes the pupa state in about seven support which her disproportioned body weeks but it may attain its growth sooner receives from her feet. When creeping when at large. Both the larval moults and as she does by spasmodic efforts she touches the transformation to pupa are peribrmed Hindawi Publishing Corporation
doi:10.1155/1880/21983 fatcat:w7isbtiqlnd73pvs6zjtydgf2y