Rheumatic manifestations of hypothyroidism

L. V. Teplova, A. V. Eremeeva, O. A. Baykova, N. A. Suvorova
2017 Sovremennaâ Revmatologiâ  
The rheumatic manifestations of endocrine diseases are well-known. The endocrine system has a complex effect on the structure and function of musculoskeletal tissues. The symptoms of locomotor apparatus injuries often come to the forefront in the clinical picture of an endocrine disease. It is therefore important to put endocrine diseases, including hypothyroidism, arthropathy, myopathy, etc., in a range of differential diagnoses of musculoskeletal system lesions. It should be remembered that
more » ... e remembered that changes in the locomotor system are able to partially or completely regress when endocrine disorders are adequately and long compensated for. The paper describes a clinical case in which, despite an obvious diversity of the typical clinical presentations of hypothyroidism, the main complaint was pain in the joints and muscles. In this connection, the female patient was initially misdiagnosed. This could be avoided if there was alertness to endocrine arthropathies and myopathies.
doi:10.14412/1996-7012-2017-2-47-53 fatcat:xujdzsmugrdmllovawdqnrmcsm