Penentuan Jumlah Operator Bagian Packing dengan Menggunakan Metode Antrian Guna Mengurangai Waktu Tunggu dan Biaya

Teguh Baroto, Ayudina Puji E
2010 Jurnal Teknik Industri  
The queuei n packingd ivisionP T. DomusindoP erdanac ausedo f producta rrivingt hatwill be packedo ver thar servicef acilitiesa vailables o that long queuingh appeneda ndi t makeslongw aitingt ime thatw ill be causedto hight otallyc ost.Alocationo f operatorn umberi n packingd ivisiont hat havel ot of queuei s in Centreo fPanel( 1 person)B, aseA ssembly(1 person)D. rawerS ide,B ack,B ase( 1 person)a nds trawpack(4personsa) fter analysiso f queuing.U sing searchinga nalysiso f optimumw orking
more » ... optimumw orking number,w illincreaseo peratorin CentreP anelD er,rsion(3 person)B, aseA ssembly( 3 persons)D' rawerS ide'Back,B ase( 4 personsa) nds trapack(5 persont)o maket hesed ivisionsd on't havea nyq ueueThe increasingo fservicef acilitiesi n packingd ivisionl iom the initial condition7 persons/ operatora nd in end condition about 15 operators. Overall cost spent everydayd ecreasea boutPip. 1l'7.4'71.214,0t0h ant he initial conditionR p. 245.675.1360,0 and the last conditionRp. 67. 1939 22 with overallw aitingt ime in packingd ivisiond ecreasea botn2 5. 20 minutest hanthe initial conditiona bout 39.6m inutesto 14.4m inutes
doi:10.22219/jtiumm.vol1.no1.50-59 fatcat:luki4ziwizctxazjxjw4xxe5wm