Commenting on the Interpreting process at conferences and social forums during the student internship of the J.P.P.S. "Conference Interpreting and Translation"

Αλέξιος Αναστάσιου Καραμανώλας
The goal of this thesis is to record all of the experiences accumulated by a graduate student of the Joint Postgraduate Studies program in Conference Interpreting and Translation during his internship at the 4th semester during the academic period 2015-2017. In essence it presents the full implementation of the theoretical knowledge acquired during the courses in an actual professional environment. The present thesis includes in detail: information in regard to the conference at which
more » ... tions services had been provided, the preparation done before the conference, details on the existing conditions during which interpretations services had been provided, as well as, the interpretations itself, the biographies of Speakers and their speeches and last a reflection on the performance of the interpretation.
doi:10.26262/ fatcat:jyfhyy4d5rasdavelrstrag6wa