Synthesis and characterization of cross-conjugated oligo(phenylene enynylene)s

2005 ARKIVOC  
Dedicated to Professor N. S. Zefirov on the occasion of his 70 th birthday (Abstract The synthesis and characterization of a series of cross-conjugated oligo(phenylene enynylene)s via the Sonogashira protocol is reported. The structural properties of these oligomers have been established by 1 H and 13 C NMR and IR spectroscopies, as well as mass spectrometry. Their electronic absorption and emission behavior has been investigated via UV/Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy. The results of this
more » ... results of this study demonstrate that electronic communication along the conjugated framework of these oligomers is limited due to the presence of a cross-conjugated enyne framework and arylene fragments. Issue in Honor of Prof. Nikolai Zefirov ARKIVOC 2005 (iv) 142-150
doi:10.3998/ark.5550190.0006.411 fatcat:vmarla254vgmjkwhaa4uypfb7m