Информационные системы для онлайн и офлайн обработки данных в современных экспериментах физики высоких энергий

E.I. Alexandrov, I.N. Alexandrov, K.V. Gertsenberger, M.A. Mineev, A.A. Moshkin, D.I. Pryahina, I.A. Filozova, A.I. Chebotov, G.V. Shestakova, A.V. Yakovlev
2019 Sovremennye Informacionnye Tehnologii i IT-obrazovanie  
Acquiring, storing, processing and analyzing of experimental and simulated data are an integral part of high-energy physics experiments. Data Acquisition system (DAQ) is responsible for solving these problems in modern experiments. The review is devoted to the study of the general functioning systems for data collecting and processing, information systems and databases, which are used in high-energy physics experiments, their classification, and the possibility and necessity of creating similar
more » ... of creating similar systems or individual components in experiments of the NICA (Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility) megaproject both on a fixed target and in the collider part. Such systems being used to support for data processing and analysis, as well as other types of experiment activities, significantly contribute to solving the problem of automating the collection, storage, processing and analysis of experimental data and information on the experiment, and they are also an essential element for the successful operation of modern high-energy physics experiments. Particular attention in the analysis of the solutions is given to physics experiments on particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) as successful modern projects that are constantly upgraded due to changes in the functioning of the systems (for example, increasing beam energy and luminosity) and improving the information systems taking into account the latest technologies in this area. As a result of the study, systems and components are chosen, whose implementation or adaptation is most appropriate to the experiments of the NICA complex.
doi:10.25559/sitito.15.201903.654-671 fatcat:spvpfelnzrdjnnxzrllmyeemve