Systematic review: occupational physical activity and low back pain

B. K. Kwon, D. M. Roffey, P. B. Bishop, S. Dagenais, E. K. Wai
2011 Occupational Medicine  
Results Collectively, the eight SR reports included 99 studies. None found strong evidence supporting a causal relationship between any occupational physical activity considered and LBP. Conflicting evidence was found between LBP and bending, twisting, lifting or pushing/pulling, but only for statistical association, not causation. Strong evidence against a causal relationship was found between LBP and manual handling/assisting patients, awkward postures, carrying, sitting, standing or walking.
more » ... tanding or walking. Conclusions Although occupational physical activities are suspected of causing LBP, findings from the eight SR reports did not support this hypothesis. This may be related to insufficient or poor quality scientific literature, as well as the difficulty of establishing causation of LBP. These population-level findings do not preclude the possibility that individuals may attribute their LBP to specific occupational physical activities.
doi:10.1093/occmed/kqr092 pmid:21727180 fatcat:mb3me5vzunbpppdvrf4ifyie6q