Sensitivity Study of Stochastic Walking Load Models [chapter]

Lars Pedersen, Christian Frier
2011 Dynamics of Bridges, Volume 5  
On flexible structures such as footbridges and long-span floors, walking loads may generate excessive structural vibrations and serviceability problems. The problem is increasing because of the growing tendency to employ long spans in structural design. In many design codes, the vibration serviceability limit state is assessed using a walking load model in which the walking parameters are modelled deterministically. However, the walking parameters are stochastic (for instance the weight of the
more » ... the weight of the pedestrian is not likely to be the same for every footbridge crossing), and a natural way forward is to employ a stochastic load model accounting for mean values and standard deviations for the walking load parameters, and to use this as a basis for estimation of structural response. This, however, requires decisions to be made in terms of statistical distributions and their parameters, and the paper investigates whether statistical distributions of bridge response are sensitive to some of the decisions made by the engineer doing the analyses. For the paper a selected part of potential influences are examined and footbridge responses are extracted using Monte-Carlo simulations and focus is on estimating vertical structural response to single person loading.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4419-9825-5_17 fatcat:7b7tmfbzj5chbchkzevjhoavy4