Una comparación entre el método MOORA y CODAS bajo ambiente de Conjunto Pitagoreano Difuso

Abbi Azalia Flores-Ruvalcaba, Luis Pérez-Domínguez, Luz Angélica García-Villalba, Sara Almeraz-Durán
2019 Revista de Innovación Sistemática  
Multi-criteria decision-making methods (MCDM) have accelerated in recent years. Many authors have made remarkable manipulation of the uncertainty involved in MCDM problems as a constant to make the most appropriate decision among the alternatives proposed. For this reason, fuzzy logic has been integrated into the MCDM, achieving new hybrid methodologies. These have managed to increase decision-making capacity, allowing us to manipulate nonfuzzy (quantitative) and fuzzy (qualitative)
more » ... tative) information. The main of this paper presents the comparative analysis of the Pythagorean Fuzzy CODAS method in order to examine the advantages and differences in comparison to MOORA Pythagorean Fuzzy Set method. The analysis, in this sense, aims to present a new scenario for the selection of the best decision-making problem, taking its advantages and thus achieve a greater benefit in real problems applications. An illustrative case will be presented with the MOORA-PFS methodology, to see the results obtained with Pythagorean Fuzzy CODAS. Besides, this comparative study to academics to choose more operative methods for solve MCDM problems.
doi:10.35429/jsi.2019. fatcat:xaxqyny72fdu5h7jt2rnes4x5u